List of Endorsers’ Names

“This  book  demonstrates  that the most socially useful business models to serve  the  base  of the pyramid are those which are created for the market  they  seek  to serve, incorporating appropriate green technologies and innovation-oriented  strategies  in  venture development. Such ventures can go on to achieve the higher purpose of BoP Businesses: Poverty Alleviation.”

Ratan Tata
CEO Tata Industries

“Ted London’s and Stuart Hart’s insightful book explores with a fresh lens the challenges facing the economies and communities of the BoP, and offers long-term solutions based on joint value-creation rather than “fortune-seeking.” Today’s businesses must engage with these communities on a deeper level, to ensure equal understanding of the culture’s needs, how to educate BoP business owners, and to uncover ways to move forward — with sustainability as a top priority. This book makes an invaluable contribution to that end.”

Fisk Johnson
CEO S.C. Johnson

“Anyone interested in the challenges and opportunities faced by the low income people must read this well-researched book.  At a time when intellectual discourse on this important topic is urgently needed, London’s and Hart’s book combines a wealth of experience in the corporate setting with a deep understanding of economics. Needless to say that we are in the midst of multiple global crises threatening the well-being of all. This book is an attempt to give capitalism new strategies for responding to those crises.”

Muhammad Yunus
Head of Grameen

“CK Prahalad opened our eyes to the huge possibilities at the Base of the Pyramid.  This book confirms that the opportunities are greater than ever.  As such, it is a fitting tribute to his memory – as well as an essential read for anyone wishing to understand the real potential of the emerging world.”

Paul Polman
Chief Executive, Unilever

“The base of the pyramid is a big breakthrough idea that risked being captured as the new conventional wisdom. This clever book by scholars and practitioners averts that by taking the deeply original insight to the next stage. A fitting tribute to C.K. Prahalad.”

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown
Former Administrator, United Nations Development Programme

“A crucial and most creative re-framing of the BoP debate:  The authors look at the world’s poor not just as four billion more consumers but also as a source of talented entrepreneurs – potential business partners ready to enter the formal economy to put their assets to work and lift themselves –and their countries – out of poverty.”

Hernando de Soto
Institute for Liberty and Democracy

“Around the world, IFC’s clients are doing business in innovative ways that create market opportunity; provide goods and services; and improve the living standards of  people at the base of the pyramid.  Our clients and all those seeking to do business with the BOP as consumers as well as suppliers will find insights and inspiration in this book.  This book is a milestone in the movement to create inclusive business models to target billions of people for the first time.”

Lars H. Thunell
Executive Vice President and CEO, International Finance Corporation

“An excellent book on how to develop new markets with the base of the pyramid, and also enhance the private sector’s contribution to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges. At CEMEX, we’ve put more than a decade into our low-income housing Program, Patrimonio Hoy, as part of a larger effort to promote access to housing and basic infrastructure. London and Hart provide crucial insights to both businesses and sustainable development of the 21st century.”

Lorenzo H. Zambrano
Chairman and CEO, CEMEX

“This book will be a useful resource to many new experts and ongoing practitioners who wish to understand and, hopefully, to implement new business strategies that will benefit the majority who face the daily challenges of life in the Base of the Pyramid.”

“This book describes powerful, exciting and inspirational next-generation business models that are sure to not only improve millions of lives in the years ahead, but also could truly transform the world by unleashing the potential of those people who have been overlooked by society. Through examples like these, the private sector will learn how to grow their businesses by engaging with the base of the pyramid as customers, suppliers and entrepreneurs.  These ideas, pioneered by C.K. Prahalad and the authors of this book, are some of the most original in international economics and development of the past decade, and, at the Inter-American Development Bank, our Opportunities for the Majority initiative is carrying forward these approaches in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Luis Alberto Moreno
President of the Inter-American Development Bank

“This book offers a new roadmap to guide the thoughts of those who navigate between the formal and informal economies. This is a must read for anyone wanting to innovate in the Base of the Pyramid field.

Above all, this book is about the relationship of two co-existing societies and the broader idea that poverty is not just about lack of financial resources and that business is not just about business, but a way to achieve a more inclusive world.”

Paulo Mindlin
Director for the Walmart Brazil Institute

“Initially, Base of the Pyramid work focused on discovering new market opportunities among the world’s poor.  This book builds on this earlier work, but shifts attention towards the process of creating these markets—and the implications of this creation process for both the poor and for organizations looking to work with the poor.  The result is an internally consistent approach to poverty alleviation that not only promises to revolutionize this work, but also to transform the individuals and firms doing it.”

Jay B. Barney
Professor and Chase Chair of Strategic Management

“This book has the power to influence the nature of business strategies to serve markets that have been ignored by traditional business. A collection of original writings from thinkers, strategists and practitioners provides business leaders with guidance on how to venture into new-found markets.”

Tarun Das
Former Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry

“This honest and provocative book on new ways to understand and work with the base of the pyramid (BoP) is timely today, and will be an essential resource for years to come. Editors London and Hart, along with their accomplished co-authors, are the ideal scholars and practitioners to have undertaken this ambitious subject, bringing relevant theory to bear on real-world challenges. The BoP has become a laboratory for management innovation like no other in the world. As a result, the powerful ideas to be found in this book not only can increase the BoP entrepreneur’s chances for success, but can also help “top of the pyramid” enterprises — for-profit and nonprofit alike — achieve their goals.”

Michael Hopkins
Editor of Sloan Management Review

“Congratulations on the Next Generation Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid. My team and I myself are very honored to work with Professor Stuart Hart, who is the leading thinker of the BoP and Green Leap strategy. With his help and support we were able to establish the first Center for Green Leap Research in the world. Wish our collaboration could progress continuously and provide valuable insights for sustainable development.”

Professor Yunhuan TONG
Center for Green Leap Research, Tsinghua University