Patrick Whitney

Patrick Whitney is the Dean of the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, and is the Steelcase/Robert C. Pew Professor of Design. Whitney has published and lectured throughout the world about ways of making technological innovations more humane, the link between design and business strategy, and methods of designing interactive communications and products. He writes about new frameworks of design that respond to three transformations: linking insights about user experience to business strategy, the shift from mass-production to flexible production, and the shift from national markets to markets that are both global and “markets of one.” BusinessWeek has profiled Whitney as a “design visionary” for bringing together design and business. Forbes named him as one of six members of the “E-Gang” for his work in human centered design. Fast Company identified him as a “master of design” for linking the creation of user value and economic value, and Global Entrepreneur named him one of the 25 people worldwide doing the most to bring new ideas to business in China. He is the principal investigator of several research projects at the Institute of Design, including Global Companies in Local Markets, Design for the Base of the Pyramid, and Schools in the Digital Age.


Illinois Institute of Design

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